No time to chat

In between memorizing steps for how to solve different types and systems of equations and doing practice problems, I browsed my usual sites.  Just a little.  When I needed a break.  Since I still have some stuff to do, I’m going to bombard you with links.  Good ones, I promise.

From Catalog Living, this caption cracked me up.

From reddit, a letter from the Kentucky Commissioner of Education to a superintendent explaining why, yes, KY schools will continue to teach evolution as part of the biology curriculum.  Go Kentucky!

From a Nathan Fillion tweet, don’t get my hopes up about Firefly, man.  It’s not nice.  But could it come back?  Could it really?

Last, the funniest thing I read all day was from Corey’s blog.  The 2nd Harry Potter movie has been renamed permanently.


  1. Moaning Myrtle

    I knew you’d like that. By the way, the girl’s name when Gaby says it is “Moaning Mottle.” Say it out loud and hit the first syllable. She has a future as a Jewish dialect specialist.

  2. Don’t talk about Firefly possibly coming back. Playing with firefly is playing with my emotions.

    Seriously though, a while back Nathan said something offhand (I think in twitter) about how if someone got the rights to the show from Fox and had the funding he’d come back to it in a heartbeat. But then based off that tweet a bunch of fans put together a pledge drive to raise the money to do exactly that, and when that happened Nathan backpedaled, saying he couldn’t really work it out with Castle. Not to mention *INCOMING SPOILER THAT I WILL TRY TO LEAVE VAGUE* they killed off my 3rd favorite character on the show in the movie.

  3. Arrested Development’s return means that there is no good reason why Firefly couldn’t come back too, and my bet is that we can expect more of this sort of thing as online content providers get bigger. I wonder how many shows that are canceled are profitable, but just not as profitable as something else. Being able to stream content directly to a show’s following should eliminate this as an excuse to stop producing a show.

    Of course, Fillion will have to loose some weight first…

  4. Zannah

    Dialect specialist sounds like a very cool job. Mm, fun, maybe not cool. Interesting, definitely.

    Randy, with a cast that small, 3rd favorite character is the middle of the pack. You’re not doing that person whose gender I will not reveal any favors. 🙂

    Greg, I’ll take that blame and wear it proudly.

    John, you’re so hard on the poor guy. Give him a break.

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