Whistle a happy tune

It’s amazing how much better I feel, how much looser, more relaxed, now that my exam is over.  I didn’t know how much it was weighing on me until I was done.  (It went well, for the most part.  I think.  (Does a comma go in that sentence?  I can’t decide.))  I was telling Mom earlier that I think most of the stress comes from trying to balance school and work.  I don’t feel like I have enough time to devote to school because of work, and I don’t want it to take up all my free time because, you know, free time is necessary, but I can’t really relax in my free time because I know I have schoolwork to do.  I know – life is hard, and I’m only taking one class.  Boo hoo.  Now shut up.  I’m saying I personally don’t handle it very well.  But now, now that the test is over, now that all that’s left is work (which slows down during the holidays because everyone takes time off) and present shopping, I can maybe enjoy these here holidays.  Take some deep breaths.  Look at the pretty lights.  My neighbor at the bottom of the street has these icicle lights that actually look they’re dripping.  But she might think it’s weird if I go stand on her sidewalk and stare…


  1. Melvin?

    Gawd, you sound like me for the last five years. Thank Santa i’m not doing that anymore! Congrats on finishing the exam!

  2. Melvin?

    Sucks. Call anytime to gripe & you’ll have a sympathetic ear, as long as I don’t dominate the conversation with my own self-absorbed bitch

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