Baby, it’s not that cold outside

It’s not cold enough.  I should be happy about that (I hate being cold), but it’s hard to feel Christmas-y (or Hanukkah-y – yes, I’ve been lighting candles this year.  Please pick your jaw up off the floor.  That’s not sanitary.) when you barely need a coat to go outside.  I’ll get over it.  Just as soon as we hit the road.  Which can’t be soon enough for me.  What I’m really looking forward to is the time off.  I need a long, long break.  Or maybe…yeah, we don’t talk about that on the internet.

I also didn’t mean to publish that yet.  The Publish button looked a lot like the Save Draft button just then.  Whoops.  (For those of you coming late to the party, first of all, shame on you.  Get it together and be on time.  Secondly, it’s kind of obvious what just happened, so this explanation is unnecessary.)

I regret my choice of post title now.  Not just because it’s dumb, although that should be enough.  No, I regret it because that song is stuck in my head now.  I like it fine, but I’ve been having this problem all day, and I can’t settle on a song I’d be happy to have looping through my brain all day.  I woke up this morning to the theme from The Price is Right (thanks to the episode of How I Met Your Mother we watched last night), but I started to tell John about it and immediately switched to “You Were On My Mind” by We Five.  (John, you were right.  It’s We Five.)  Maybe I can get that one back.  I’ve always liked that song. Wish me luck!


  1. Melvin?

    Question: whose version is in your head? I like the Zooey Deschanel/Leon Redbone version a lot, but there’s also the good one with Nina Simone and … Louis Armstrong? I really should look that up before I hit save comment, but I’m not gonna.
    OK, series of caught-quickly mistypings in this comment made me think of a certain Booby Darin exchange we had once. And I don’t care if your readers don’t know the joke, it seems fairly obvious.
    May your candles glow on freshly fallen nothing. Happy holidays!

  2. Zannah

    That was this morning and they’re all basically the same. The most recent version I heard was Brian Setzer with Ann-Margret, so maybe it was that one.

    I read “mistypings” as misty pings. What are misty pings? 🙂

  3. mama mama

    I read it the same way! I thought it was some kind of secret sister code. I really like the Zooey/Leon version–heard it again yesterday.

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