Ideas wanted

This (from Catalog Living) is almost as hilarious as the llama picture.

A couple of weeks ago, John and I hung a shelf above the couch in the family room.  Now I don’t know what to put on it.  The studs aren’t spaced right, so we reinforced the bottom, but I still don’t think it’s sturdy enough to pack it full of books.   We were going to hang a second one above the TV, but we’ll have the same weight distribution problem.  So what do we do?

It looks a little ridiculous empty, but I’m afraid it’ll come crashing down if we put anything heavy on it.


  1. Brian Breguet

    hmmm…do I recognize an Ikea Expedit shelf?

    As to what to put on it, I say pictures. Do you have any trinkets to display?

  2. Dad

    What’s the back made of? If solid, screw directly through to the studs. If not, consider a new back (or simply a couple of rails on the back), connected solidly to the frame, then on to the studs?

  3. Zannah

    Unfortunately, the back is your typical Ikea cardboard (may or may not be Expedit, though – I don’t remember). We’ll look at the rail idea (that’s what we put below it), but I think it’s not happening this weekend. 🙂 Too many other things to do. Like find pictures to put on it and move trinkets from other places (thanks, Brian!). And CLEAN. And study.

  4. mama mama

    Do you have any pottery barn catalogs lying around? Or go on line. They have great ideas for display. Or just wait until I get there!

  5. Zannah

    Oh believe me, Brian, a replica of a Navy ship is NOT going on that shelf. A spinning TARDIS – absolutely. I bought John the sonic screwdriver for Christmas.

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