Do you know what is awesome?

You probably know lots of things that are awesome, but I have a nostalgic (for me, anyway) addition to my list of Things That Are Awesome.  (Note to self: post list of Things That Are Awesome.  Everyone should have a list of Things That Are Awesome.)  In college, I went to Au Bon Pain for lunch fairly regularly (it was just off campus – probably still there), and I always got a turkey sandwich on a croissant with lettuce and honey mustard.  GREAT sandwich.  But it was the honey mustard I kept going back for.  It had the consistency of honey instead of mustard, and it had more of a horseradish-like kick.  I loved it.  But then we moved away, to places that don’t have Au Bon Pain, and I was left without this fantastic honey mustard.  I found a bagel shop in Newport that used it (or something very similar), but that was 11 years ago.  Au Bon Pain doesn’t have many (or any, in some cases) restaurants in the places we’ve lived since Newport, and I have tried many different honey mustard dressings.  (I’m not obsessive dedicated enough to try to make my own, but you probably already knew that.  I hope.)  Today, for the first time in, yeah, about 11 years, I found my way back to an Au Bon Pain (they just opened one in the building I work in when I’m in DC), and I ordered my sandwich.  Same honey mustard, same kick-ass sandwich.  Awesome!

What?  You think it’s weird that my list of Things That Are Awesome includes a sandwich?  It includes more than one sandwich, so there.


  1. ABP have kick-arse cheese sandwhiches

    Alas, my awesome sandwich is no more – Trio’s cheese steaks were to 2-a.m.-post-drinking-binges what the honeyed dew of morning lilies are to the parched tongue of the young fawn.

    Then they went and changed it into an oyster bar. Let me tell you, not as yummy smothered in Cheese Whiz.

  2. Zannah

    Hey, I’ve heard oysters are good as hangover (or almost-hangover) food. Not covered in Cheese Whiz, though. *shudder*

    Wombat, I’d never heard of Mr. Yogato, but I just googled it and I want go to so bad now!

  3. John

    Hah! I was going to make a smilar comment, but you beat me to it, Erik. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an unprovoked assualt as brutal as that one. 🙂

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