Fighting with my phone

Remember a few months ago when I wrote about my phone problems?  I still have those problems.  It seemed to get better for a while, but that’s probably because I avoided any data-heavy apps.  Unfortunately, my phone has rebooted itself many many times just in the last week.  I did a factory reset on Tuesday (which is what both Sprint and HTC recommended when I called them all those months ago), and then my phone rebooted four times IN A ROW Wednesday afternoon.  So the factory reset was not the solution.  I will probably try to take it to a Sprint repair center sometime soon, but that’ll cost me.  If I can hold out until August, I’ll reach the end of this two-year contract, and I can get a new phone for practically nothing.  But can I hold out until August?


  1. Do you have an HTC Evo Shift? My wife has one through Sprint and has been having all kinds of issues with it lately. She did a firmware update for it and that helped for quite a while, but sometimes it still acts wonky.

  2. Zannah

    It’s the HTC Evo 4G. I don’t think the Shift was out yet. I had a couple of smooth months after I removed some of the apps I didn’t really use, and I keep up with the updates, but I’m still having issues. And I’ll keep that in mind about the Shift when I shop for a new phone this summer.

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