Not in the mood

I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing.  Big surprise.  And I’m going to regret it real soon now.  But I’m also not in the mood to be doing what I have been doing, which is checking out new blogs.  New to me.  Not new to the internet.  Blogs that bloggers I like like.  (I have never written a more perfect sentence fragment.)  If they like them, it stands to reason that I will too, right?  But I haven’t liked a single one so far, so I think I need to stop and try again some other time.  I mean, yes, I’m allowed to not like other blogs.  Of course I am.  And my reasons for not liking them are legitimate because it’s a matter of personal taste.  One blog was boring, the writing style of another drove me up the wall, and I left a third because the layout made it difficult to read the full post.  (That’s why I never used to read Mighty Girl.  Her layout bothered me.  I just checked it out, and I like it better now.  Maybe I’ll give her another try.)  I’m not sure I’d like anything new right now, though, so I think I’m going to put the new blog search away and get some homework done.  The homework I should be doing so I don’t have to worry about it next weekend.

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