Maybe I’m overwhelmed

I think I’m forgetting things more often lately.  Or having more frequent airhead moments.  I’m not sure if this is something I should be worrying about or not.  Is it really happening more?  Or am I just noticing it more?  Yesterday’s example is fairly mundane.  I was making a list on my phone for groceries.  While upstairs, I remembered that I needed to get Listerine, Zyrtec, and contact solution.  I repeated those three things to myself on my way down the stairs and added them to my list.  No problem.  I got to the store and made it to the right section.  Picked up the Listerine.  Thought to myself, “I’ll go down the aisle this way, turn the corner for the Zyrtec, and then come around the other end for the contact solution.”  Then I checked off all three items on my list.  Before I picked up the other two.  Why?  I don’t know – to save time?  Couldn’t tell you.  I got the Zyrtec and then headed to the other end of the store (in search of peanut butter and cereal, if you must know.  Turns out the peanut butter has moved into the coffee aisle.  I’m not crazy about the new look at my Wegmans.).  I got home, put everything away, and went about the rest of the day.  Then bedtime came around, and it was time to take my contacts out.  THAT’S when I noticed I didn’t buy any contact solution, and THAT’S when I remembered crossing it off my list and then NOT picking it up.  Ridiculous, but not really worrisome by itself.

A few weeks ago, I went to pick up dinner.  This place typically gives us bread and their really good, really garlicky, olive oil and parmesan dip, whether we ask for it or not.  John had specifically requested it, so I when I got in the car, I checked the bag.  More specifically, I leaned over the big paper bag, reached in, pulled out the little bag with the bread, looked at the two salads we’d ordered, and thought, “Hmm.  I guess they didn’t give us any bread.”  My left hand moved to put the bread bag back in with the salads, and I stopped, looked at the bag in my hand and said, “Holy shit.  I’m losing my mind.”  I can’t believe I did that.

Wanna know the punchline?  Those are only two examples, and while I know I’ve done other similar things, I can’t remember the details.


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