Good start

Today is going to be a good day.  It’s nice and cool, perfect weather for running.  I ran three miles, listening to Welcome to Night Vale for most of it.  When the episode ended, I switched to music since I don’t have the next Night Vale yet, and one of the last songs I heard as I pushed to the end was “Waiting for a Star to Fall” by Boy Meets Girl, which I LOVE.  Always have.  So yay happy song, right?  I got home, put Riley’s collar on (making him a happy dog – yay for a walk), and as we left the house, “Mr. Blue Sky” came on.  Super yay happy song!  So I was singing along as we headed up the hill, and Riley seemed to be doing well, and really, how could the morning be better?  The answer, apparently, is to follow ELO with some Queen, since “Hammer to Fall” came on next.  Now I’m home, stretching (and typing), all smiles, and today is going to be okay.

Speaking of music, we saw Guardians of the Galaxy Saturday night (liked it a lot) – the soundtrack is fantastic.

“Waiting for a Star to Fall” , Boy Meets Girl

“Mr. Blue Sky”, ELO

“Hammer to Fall”, Queen


  1. Holly

    Hello! Long time, but I’ve been thinking about you! Especially when I hear Mumford in Son which is pretty much often 🙂

    Hope all is well in your world!

  2. How long have you been listening to Welcome To Night Vale? We got to see one of the live shows in Louisville and it was pretty awesome, and for my last birthday Dana got me an All Hail The Glow Cloud shirt. It glows in the dark.

    And we saw Guardians twice, which is a rarity for us these days. We really liked it, and a friend said it was worth seeing in 3D, thus the return visit. I think the last movie I saw twice in the theater was Episode 3 of Star Wars.

    Looks like you haven’t posted in a while, so I hope all is well!

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