I’m having a day

I’m feeling grumpy today.  It’s Monday, for one.  I’m not Garfield (I do love lasagna), but I don’t know anyone who’s truly pleased when Monday starts.  We were both sound asleep when the alarm went off, so dragging ourselves out of bed was difficult, and then small tasks seemed to be too tricky to handle.  Before boxing this morning, an eyelash tried to stab me in the eye, so we lost time getting that taken care of, and then John couldn’t dig his keys out of the small bag they were hiding in, and I had trouble keeping my wraps from twisting while I was putting them on (in the car, in the dark).  And that’s all before 6am.  Not a good start.

Work didn’t help (although nothing happened, so work didn’t hurt, either), but  I would really appreciate it if I could get my weekend back, have a do-over, and try Monday again.  Actually, since doing Monday AGAIN doesn’t sound all that appealing, how about if we just skip ahead to this coming weekend?  I don’t have anything all that important going on this week anyway.

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