I like to keep my promises

I promised more today.  I don’t have a lot, but I have something.  This afternoon we saw a condo for rent about a mile from here, which would be SO convenient in many many ways.  It’s not in the best shape (and it needs a THOROUGH cleaning), but it’s within our price range, it’s available immediately, and it’s practically in our backyard.  It would make moving SO easy.  Our commutes would be the same, it would be no harder to get to either gym, and we could sign a 6-month lease.  Parking would be a pain (no garage, and only one assigned spot), but we could make it work.  Probably.

I’ll feel much better once I’ve seen at least one potential alternative.  And from the looks of things, we have plenty of alternatives.  I’ll be making some calls tomorrow.  We will also start packing tomorrow, although it’s hard to decide where to begin.  It’s a bit overwhelming.  We keep freaking ourselves out.  But if we don’t start, we’ll freak out because we’re running out of time.  So we’re going to freak out either way.  Might as well freak out in a productive way.  Which means I should probably be doing something right now that isn’t on the internet.  Or if I’m going to be on the internet, I should be finding us a storage unit.


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