Quit playing games with my heart

We had some house drama last week, but it’s all over now.  Freaked us out for a few days.  Our buyers’ buyer flaked out on them.  John found out from our agent AFTER I LEFT FOR CANCUN.  We were all ready to sign a lease on an apartment (6-month lease, local), John was going to find a storage unit, and we had a truck scheduled to start moving stuff for the weekend I was getting back.  But this meant we lost our closing date (because our buyers lost THEIR buyer), and everything came to a screeching halt, and John had to deal with it alone because I went gallivanting off to Mexico (bad timing).  This is the first vacation I’ve been on in years (maybe ever?) where the wi-fi worked, so we were able to chat and email, but still.  John canceled the truck and postponed the apartment until we could get more information.  Our contract was still good, but we were not happy about having to go back to the mindset we had in January, all uncertain about when we were moving while waiting for our buyers to sell their house.  Luckily, our buyers had an open house this weekend that resulted in another offer.  (I’m mostly very happy for them and for us, since their offer means we can move.  I’m only a teensy little bit jealous that selling their house has been so easy for them.)  We’re back on track to close in early March.  We can still have our apartment (as of late next week), and we can still take a couple of weekends to move all our stuff around.

I don’t need this kind of excitement.

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