I thought this only happened in the movies

A few weeks ago, during a very heavy daytime storm, we found out that our roof leaks right through the kitchen ceiling.  I told our landlady, but she didn’t seem too concerned.  She certainly didn’t send anyone over to check it out, and IF she sent someone to fix the roof, that person did a terrible job.

The other night, the rain started around 7 or so, and it was serious rain.  We could hear it against the windows, hear it on the roof, and, shortly after we went to bed, we could hear it on the kitchen floor.  We only saw the one leak, so John grabbed a mixing bowl to catch the rain.  Rain dripping on plastic is still pretty loud, so he folded a washcloth in the bottom.  That helped a little.

I couldn’t stop listening for it at first, but it must not have bothered me too much because I can’t remember if I the rain stopped before I fell asleep.  Luckily for us, it didn’t rain ALL night.  We didn’t have to empty the mixing bowl during the night, and it was only half-full when we got up in the morning.

I should try to remember to tell our landlady about it, though, even if she decides not to do anything.


  1. Chinese Waiter Torture

    We got a ton of rain Monday night, and when I turned off the TV to go to sleep, all of a sudden I heard this loud “thwack-thwack” coming through the monitor in the kids’ room. I tip-toed in and sure enough, the entire floor was wet. I grabbed some towels and mopped up what I could, then put buckets to catch the water still coming in. That was even louder – both in the room and over the monitor – but some how the kids didn’t even notice.

    The next day was spent scrambling to find someone to come out before the predicted next rain fall on Wednesday. All the local roofers knew that those who just discovered their leaks were in the same boat, and some were definitely looking to gouge us. One said the best he could do was tarp the roof for $800, then come back next week and replace the missing tiles for another $600.

    We lucked out and got some guys to come by Tues night and they were able to fix it for a less-than-outrageous fee, although it was still hard to sign off on that bill when I knew it was at most 6 tiles that had been replaced. But Juaquin is on his way, so better this than having to deal with moldy plywood and water damage.

    As an ex-landlord, I can’t believe yours hasn’t jumped on this. Short of making for unhappy tenets (and I know you two are the kind they should be falling-down grateful they have) it’s just damaging their own investment. Boo on her, I say.

  2. The lesser Phoenix

    We made it fine. The guys who came out did a great job, considering they barely had any light to work with.

    Any luck with your landlord?

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