Jarring imagery

We went to the Maryland Renaissance Fair on Saturday – we had a good time, as usual, but one thing stuck out from this visit.  Throughout the day, we saw this one guy dressed up in all black, kind of a leather armor sort of thing, with a black leather featureless mask that covered his entire head.  We’re not sure what he was meant to be (maybe one of the Nazgul or Sauron or something unrelated to Lord of the Rings), but he looked pretty creepy.  Kind of like this, but with fewer spikes:

Sauron cosplay

We bought in to the sinister vibe of this guy, and it lasted all day, right up until we headed for the exit.  Featureless face mask guys get hungry like the rest of us, I guess, but he lost ALL scary points when he bought a pretzel.  Not cool, dude.  You’re not scary when you’re eating.

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