Jet lag?

I can never remember which direction you have to travel for jet lag to really be a thing, but I think it might not be the direction we went.  Let me think this through.  We flew from Annapolis to Oregon, east to west…when we go to Europe, we’re jet-lagged at the beginning of the trip, not the end…that trip is west to east, so yeah.  Going to Oregon should not have caused jet lag, and as much as I would like to blame the exhaustion I felt over the weekend on jet lag, I’m pretty sure that’s not right.  I’ll just blame a long travel day, followed by a late night (we went to bed around 3am (personal time) after getting up at 5am).  Eight hours of sleep later, I spent all of Sunday fighting my drooping eyelids.

Will and Christina’s kids are adorable.  I just listened to Christina read them a bedtime story that included chanting “Part-y!  Part-y!”, so there’s no telling when they’ll actually sleep, but it was really cute.

Here’s hoping I’m back to my normal level of alertness (whatever that is) tomorrow.


  1. The Never-Ending Story

    Bed time for kids is like what happens to time when you watch a yet-to-boil kettle or are waiting for your favorite TV series to come back on the air. Each second seems to take forever, and when you’re finally done you can’t believe something so simple took so damn long.

  2. Momma Betty

    Jet lag happens no matter what direction you go. The lag has to do with your body catching up to whatever new activity zone it’s in. The farther out you go from your normal time, the worse the jet lag. The more gradual the transition the easier it is. That’s why when I get to go to Australia, I think I want to go by ship. The worst jet lag I’ve ever experienced is between Japan and the US both ways and the Philippines both ways. And always with little children who couldn’t understand the concept and wanted to wake up at the wrong times and go to sleep at the wrong times.

  3. Zannah

    I noticed that both of you mention small children…I may be the FIRST person EVER to see the correlation between small children and exhaustion! Someone get me a Nobel Prize!

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