It’s educational, too!

Things I learned in Oregon:

  1. Willamette is not pronounced the way I thought it was.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’ve been saying it wrong my whole life, but only because it only came to my notice a few years ago.  Looks like Will-uh-METT, right?  Yeah, noooo.  It’s Will-LAM-it.  Like, going on the lam.  Or Mary had a little lamb.  Sounds mildly ridiculous, but it’s growing on me.
  2. The reason blender lids have that center plastic piece that comes out is so you can pour things in while the blender is running.  I never knew.  If I put any thought into it at all, I would have assumed it came out to make the lid easier to clean.  I watched Christina make a basil/vinegar/other stuff blend for pasta salad the other night, and my mind was blown when she poured olive oil in through the lid.
  3. Patty-cake is NOT allowed on beaches in Oregon. 2015-10-28 12.32.06
  4. Waves are tricksy beings and like to creep up behind people, splash them a little, and run away cackling. 2015-10-28 12.31.50

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