How am I supposed to answer that?

Work is getting to me (and yes, I’m working on the solution to that).  Actual question I got from someone today:

Do you have the issue [specific customer] wanted fixed by next week?

Do I have it?  I don’t know what that means.  Do I have a ticket for it?  Maybe.  What’s the issue?  That customer has a lot of open tickets.  Which one are you referring to?  Or maybe you mean, do I have it for action by me personally?  Maybe, but I can’t answer that until I know which one you’re referring to.  I don’t know of any issues that have to be fixed by next week.  (And that’s not how we operate, and you know that.)  They had two issues last week that had my attention.  One got resolved (it was a problem they caused and could resolve), and the other has a workaround and isn’t that urgent.  Was it one of those?

Protect me from vague questions.