Everyone’s a comic

I’m home!  The flight was a little bumpy, otherwise uneventful.  Not full.  The flight attendants were practicing their stand-up routines, but one of them liked my hat, so I’ll give them a pass on that.

We spent much of the day watching more Supernatural episodes.  Season 1 Sam and Dean were such babies!  We’ll have to work that show back into our regular TV rotation.  I’ve missed the Winchester boys.

Oh, hey, I learned a new joke on Thanksgiving that is my new favorite joke, but I can’t write it down.  The joke is in the delivery.  I have a video of Christine doing it, but John just pointed out that I took that video in portrait mode, not landscape, so I can’t post it online.  I’ll be laughed off the internet, possibly with tomatoes thrown at me.  You want to hear it?  You’ll have to come see me.  Or call me.  Skype is also good.  We’ll work it out.

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