We’re thinking about getting a PlayStation 4.  Like, soon.  And that means I need to pick out video games.  The problem is that I have no idea where to start.  I don’t play video games.  We had a Nintendo (the original version), but we only had maybe four games.  I remember Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros., Zelda (although I don’t remember playing that one), and Joust.  I think we borrowed Mike Tyson’s Punch Out sometimes.  Then at some point we added Tetris and Dr. Mario.  But you get the picture – that’s the era of video games I’m familiar with.  In college, Greg, Erik, and John played Goldeneye for hours and hours, but I never tried it long enough to get the hang of the controller.  John had a PS2 for a while, but I wasn’t really interested in the games he played, so I never really tried to get into it.

Now I want to get into it, but I don’t know where to start.  I’m as new as newbies get – I don’t even know what type of game I want to play.  The only thing I know is that I don’t want one with a steep learning curve.  I don’t want to get frustrated immediately.  I’m reading reviews, seeing what I can find out.  I may just have to guess.




  1. Fallout 4 might be jumping a little into the deep end if you’re coming from an old NES background. I would actually start with games from the playstation network, which you download straight to the hard drive and then just pull them up whenever with no disc switching required. There’s also quite a few cheaper options there, and you can download demos to try.

    Also if you’re going to get a PS4 just go ahead and sign up for PS+. You get something like 2 free games a month (their choice, not yours) from it. Sometimes they might not be your bag, but usually at least one each month is really good.

    Some suggested PSN games:

    Super Meat Boy (Mario on speed)
    Journey (short, nonviolent, very pretty and atmospheric)
    Shovel Knight (retro style)
    Bastion (on sale right now for like $2.50)
    Jamestown+ (overhead shooter, 4 players)
    Splice (mellow puzzle game)
    Rogue Legacy
    Towerfall Ascension (great party game)
    Transistor (I personally really love this one, and amazing soundtrack)
    Contrast (I’ve had way too much to drink with the devs of this one and they’re super nice, and the game is neat to boot!)

    So yeah, that’s my giant list of indie games I saw while scrolling through the PSN indie section. I don’t think any of those are over $15. Unfortunately very few of those have a demo available (I think Fez does but that’s about it). Most should have a video you can watch to see if it interests you though.

  2. Oh, and I forgot The Wolf Among Us. Fantastic story based game where you play as the Big Bad Wolf in NYC trying to solve a fairy tale murder. One of my favorites from the past few years.

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