It has begun

It’s a misty day in PA.  John’s parents live on top of a ridge, so the view out the back of the house is of treetops shrouded in fog.  Not very many treetops, though – visibility is so low we can’t see very far.

We’re about to head to Long Island for the afternoon and evening.  We’ll visit John’s grandmother and then go to a party to see some cousins no one has talked to in years and some other cousins we see all the time (where all the time = once a year).  Probably have another late night (got to bed about 1am Monday night), and then tomorrow everyone else is supposed to arrive.  Christmas is here.  I have proof.  Photographic evidence.

Tree 1:


Tree 2:IMG_20151222_125351

It doesn’t get much Christmasier than that.


  1. momma betty

    Looks wonderful. I’m so happy that you have another family who loves you (almost) as much as we do. I know you’ll enjoy every minute. Please pass on our best wishes to everybody.

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