Fruitful trip

We’ve confirmed that we like Eugene (a lot), we’ve found a great place to live (we’re waiting to hear back about the application), and we did all that pretty early in the trip (found the place on the first day, applied for it on the third), so we’ve been able to enjoy the last two days stress-free!  Actually, we’re still stressed, but it’s mostly about the red-eye back home and how utterly terrible we’re going to feel all day Tuesday.  I mean, really.  Whose idea was it to get on a plane at 11pm pacific time and fly from Portland to Newark and THEN get on another plane to get to Baltimore?  We’re not landing at BWI until almost 10am eastern, and we almost certainly will not have slept.  And once we get home, we’re working (on no sleep) because we were not smart enough to take Tuesday off, too.

I think we need to fire our travel agent.  Next time, we’ll drive.

(Do you get it?  Because next time we’ll be moving and we’ll drive?  I crack myself up.)