Malbec vs. Malblech

I like wine.  I like malbec.  But a while ago, I found that not all malbecs are equal.  Of course they’re not.  Just like every other type of wine, some are good and some aren’t.  But with malbecs, they seem to come in two different categories.  I’m sure people like the ones I don’t like, but I was having this conversation with an older guy in a bar (the bar Jess likes), and he agreed with me.  He said there are malbecs and there are malblechs.  But how do you know the difference when you’re buying a new one?  He couldn’t help me.

Months later, I was in the wine store facing this dilemma, trying to decide whether or not I should buy a particular malbec.  One of the employees came by and offered her help, and I took the most obvious step ever.  I asked her.  She was able to tell me that there are lighter, fruitier malbecs and heavier malbecs (so that dude and I aren’t crazy), but she couldn’t tell me which one of those I like (of course) UNTIL I remembered that I like the one that bar sells.  Once we identified that one, she found it in the store, said it was on the lighter side (of course), and now the mystery has been solved.  Except that the label on the bottle isn’t likely to say whether it’s a heavy malbec or a light one.  But at least now, I can ask someone knowledgeable and not sound like an idiot (not as much of one).  It would be too much to ask of me to remember which ones I already know I like.