Thursday was a big driving day.  We woke up in Michigan (barely in Michigan), drove across Indiana and Illinois (waved to Chicago and got stuck in traffic there), drove across Wisconsin, the entire width of Minnesota, and spent the night in South Dakota.  811 miles.  We had to make up for Wednesday, and we wanted to be able to detour a tad to see Mt. Rushmore on Friday (which, as you’re reading this, we’ve probably already done – I’m writing this Thursday night).  It rained on us almost all day, and we got snowed on as we climbed into Minnesota.

I can say with certainty that Ohio rest area bathrooms are WAY nicer than Indiana rest area bathrooms, and there was one in a truck stop barely into South Dakota that was REALLY nice.  For a public rest room.  It had a bench and a plant!


Yes, I took a picture.