Sitting in comfort

We bought a couch (on Sunday)!  And it arrived today!  And it’s comfortable!  Technically, it’s a double chair (not even a loveseat), but it’s big and it’s cushy, and it’s chocolate brown and kind of stripey/soft corduroy.


We thought about the couch (it was only $100 more), but it was enormous, even bigger than our old couch, and we are not making a purchase of that physical size again until we stop moving around.  This is plenty big enough for the two of us, even with those big cushions on it, and most importantly, it fit through the front door with no issues.


  1. Margaret

    I like it! Where did you get it? Erik’s old couch from the pre-Margaret days is getting pretty nasty…

  2. momma betty

    I like the color and that both of you can fit in it! That’s like the recliner we didn’t buy for your dad back in October–big enough for two.

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