I suppose it was inevitable

John has been sick for several days now (a week?), and I have felt fine. I should have known my days were numbered.  Tonight I could feel a sinus headache starting and my throat feels a little scratchy and please PLEASE I don’t want to be sick.

So I took a steamy shower and I’m in bed before 8, hoping to get real sleep. Maybe I can head it off. I’m writing this on my phone because no way am I going back downstairs to get my laptop.

The rest of the horseback riding story will have to wait.



  1. momma betty

    So sorry. Hope you’ll feel better this morning, but if you don’t, pamper yourself instead of working. Even people who work from home should be allowed sick days.

  2. Zannah

    Better, but not great. Good enough to work, especially since I only THREE MORE WHOLE WORKING DAYS before I take off work for the REST OF THE YEAR.

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