Can we postpone Christmas until I feel better?

You know what’s not cool?

  • Being sick
  • Being sick on vacation
  • Being sick on vacation in someone else’s house
  • Being sick on vacation in someone else’s house with the sneaking suspicion that the “surprise” planned for tonight involves a night out in a big shopping area with a big Christmas tree and a stay in a hotel

This isn’t even the first time I’ve been sick on Christmas at someone else’s house and thank GOODNESS I’m not as sick this time as I was the last time.  Last time, John and I spent the morning of Christmas Eve at Urgent Care.  This time, I’m hopefully (cross your fingers) over the hump, but I’m still congested and coughing and dealing with a sore throat and taking medicine every four hours.  I’m keeping my distance from the baby and drinking ALL the water (there won’t be any water left in Maryland by the time I leave – I’m working on draining the Chesapeake Bay) and trying to be more fun than I feel.

I’m hoping for a miracle.  ‘Tis the season!


  1. momma betty

    So sorry you’re sick on a holiday again. Maybe it’s and allergy to pine tree and mistletoe. But the Brewers love you, so let them take care of you–bring you soup and hot lemon tea.Are you all staying at Emily and Sean’s?

  2. Zannah

    Yup! My medication gets renewed every four hours, and I get a good 90 minutes out of each 4-hour block, so I just suffer the others. 🙂

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