New life plan

The other day, I added 36 books to my to-read list in Amazon in the space of half an hour because of two articles on, both about space opera novels and series.  My list has 427 books on it, and that doesn’t include the books already on my Kindle that I haven’t read or the books I own that are in storage that I haven’t read or the subsequent books in all the serieseses I’ve started and haven’t finished yet OR the ones I haven’t heard of yet that I want to read.

I am not going to live long enough to read all these books, am I?  I need to quit my job and spend all my free time reading.  That’s feasible, right?

The two articles:

From Dark to Dark: Yes, Women Have Always Written Space Opera

Explore the Cosmos in 10 Classic Space Opera Universes



  1. Michelle

    A few years back, I created an equation using the average female life expectancy in the United States, my average number of books read per year, and the books on my TBR (which I add to every day). In doing so I realized that even with the most generous life expectancy, I would be crossing the critical threshhold into impossible within a few weeks. This realization forever altered how I read.

    I used to be a finish-it-no-matter-death-may-come sort of reader. Now? Now you have 50 pages. I DNFed at 15 pages the other day. There are so many legendary books I haven’t read yet. There are so many glorious books which I would like to read “one more time” before I go. There are books out there I haven’t even heard of yet which could completely alter my perspective on life. Someone’s genre-changing addition to the classics of literature hasn’t even been written yet. So now, I’m never trudging through another book just for the sake of finishing it again. If I’m not deriving pleasure or enlightenment from it, I’m moving on.

    Using the same equation today, I find that my current TBR would take 63 years to finish. I’m 45.

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