I sewed!

Washing my sweater/hoodie broke it apparently, since after it dried (gentle cycle, air dry) I noticed that one of the pockets was hanging half off.  Luckily for me, the thread was still attached at one end, so I unearthed my bag of sewing kits (I have four or five travel kits), figured out how to thread the needle, and FIXED IT.  You can’t even tell.  Then we went to see Dunkirk and I spent two hours crying.  I cried horrified tears, sad tears, tears of pride, a few more horrified tears, and then some happy tears.  Stupid emotional movie.

I also ate all the popcorn in existence, so I’m skipping dinner and going to bed early.  All that crying wore me out.


  1. Anonymous

    Was this your new hoodie/sweater you bought in Newport? I can’t believe you never threaded a needle before! But I know my mother would blame me for not teaching you that essential skill-or for not forcing you to learn it like she did me. Oh, the shame of it!

    We just saw Dunkirk yesterday. Very powerful. I know a lot of reviewers have criticized it for not having a clearer narrative or more developed stories about the characters. But I read an interview with Christopher Nolan who defended his method as a way of showing just how horrifying and confusing it was for the individual soldiers stranded on that beach with no assurance that they would ever leave it alive, much less see home again. I’m going to reread Atonement. There’s a really moving episode near the end set on the beaches of Dunkirk.

  2. Zannah

    No, it’s a sweater/hoodie I already had. I’ve threaded a needle before, but maybe just to sew a button back on. I only thread needles once every five years or so, so it takes figuring out every time.

    You read Connie Willis’s Blackout and All Clear, didn’t you? Those Dunkirk scenes get me, too.

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