It is what it is

I sat in the backyard for a little bit this afternoon wearing long pants and a hoodie and shivering a little even though the sun was shining and it’s AUGUST because Oregon doesn’t understand how summer works.

Of course, we spent a few days last week in Rhode Island in sweaters and sweatshirts, so I guess summer is broken everywhere this year.  Or maybe it’s just broken wherever we are, since summer seemed to be handing out 100+ degree days everywhere we were NOT, and maybe I should just wear a hoodie and be grateful.


  1. momma betty

    Now you’ve done it! Be careful about what you wish for. I see in my crystal ball very hot, humid weather ahead for you–probably on the very days you’re packing and loading. That reminds me, we were introduced to a woman the other day who lays claim to being a crystal ball reader–and that she’s a certified crystal ball reader. I thought it was a joke and sort of snickered….until I realized she was perfectly serious. Oops. I can’t help wondering who does that certification, based on what qualifications?

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