1. Erik

    Another good book from Chambers. The smaller cast helps it stay more focused on the individuals but I still liked Angry Planet more.
    Have you picked up Record of a Spaceborn Few yet?
    There are fun details connecting all of the books.

    • Zannah

      Just finished it! I don’t think I could choose between the first two – I liked them both a lot for different reasons. But both better than the third (even though I still liked the third).

      • Erik

        I agree with you. The third was useful; we had a peek at the culture of the human race from the outside during the first two books and glimpses of how it had changed. Space Born gave a much closer look at how that culture had come about and how it was changing to adapt to the circumstances.
        I’m looking forward from more from her. I think Chambers is someone to watch. Reynolds was the same way with large interwoven and interlocking stories but some of the later novels just haven’t won me over. (The Shadow Captain was very different from Revenger and is creating a much tighter overall arch but I still want something more from those stories.)

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