I should have done this weeks ago

Our grocery cart/high chair cover came weeks ago, and I FINALLY tried it out at the store with Jack the other day.  He did great.  I still have to work on getting it in place quickly and with one hand.  For this outing, I put the car seat in the cart, got the cover on, moved Jack into the seat, and then piled groceries on top of the car seat.

Plenty adorable, right?  It got so much better.  I turned back to the cart after picking up milk, and found this:

Poor sad baby chicken.  Not quite 9 months old and already completely done with grocery shopping.


  1. Momma Betty

    Did the cute little chicken get lots of clucks? I would have followed him all over the store. Not stranger danger. I’m his grandmother!
    When Mel was a baby in the grocery cart she would pull things off the shelf and throw them in the basket while my back was turned. Then at checkout I’d have to sort out all the unwanted items.

    • Zannah

      Yes, actually, it took a lot longer to get the shopping done because of all the clucking. Thankfully he can’t reach the shelves yet, but I expect that fun activity is in my future.

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