A small funny

I was in the middle of training a new employee when John sent me something funny.  I should have waited to look, but I didn’t.  Then I had to explain the giggling.  Or not explain it, since I didn’t share.  I apologized instead.


I’m sure this came from Reddit, but I don’t have the link.  I hope Mr. and Mrs. Cuddlebun will be very happy.


  1. Bumpally Cundernap

    You should have started to do that with the guy’s name: “So, Jonathan, that’s how we do the TPS sheets. What’s that, Jonaben? No, the coffee isn’t free. Wait, Jowagin, you forgot your lanyard.”

  2. Zannah

    Mr. Bumbertrash will have you know that his real name is Raymond Luxury-Yacht, but it’s pronounced “Throat Warbler-Mangrove”.

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