I will watch just about anything on TV. Pathetic.

John is braving the great outdoors to go to class tonight.  He met Greg before class to work out some issues with their project, so hopefully he won’t have to stay late.  He was considering skipping class, but I know he feels like he needs the review. He told me this morning that he felt like he’d been beat up.  I don’t think he really improved much today.  So he’ll stay home again tomorrow.

This morning was kind of a disaster.  Last night, when John decided he was probably staying home today, he said he didn’t think he had a shift, but he wasn’t sure.  I told him that I had looked at the schedule (I did, I swear) and that he definitely didn’t have a shift, but I would doublecheck.  Then I forgot to doublecheck.  So naturally, shortly after I left the house this morning,  I got a phone call from Dan (coworker) wondering where John was.  Apparently, he had the morning email shift.  Oops.  It’s so unusual for him to have the morning shift!  I covered it for him, but he’s still kind of in the doghouse with the boss since it’s really bad form to skip out on a shift without arranging for someone to cover.  I tried to take full responsibility for it by explaining to our boss how I essentially (but unknowingly) lied to him last night.  It may have helped.  Not sure.

People in toothpaste and mouthwash commercials have the whitest teeth.  Totally unrealistic.  How many people do you know with really white teeth?

I’m watching a dumb movie.  Just because it’s on TV.  I just can’t help it.  I mean, if there was a show on that  I liked, I would watch that instead.  But even Law & Order has abandoned me.  And I think my Tuesday night shows are done until after the New Year.  What movie am I watching?  Ten Things I Hate About You. No, wait, I actually like that movie.  It’s that other movie with the number 10 in it.  How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. Not a good movie.  But Kate Hudson is likable (in other movies), and Matthew McConaughey is nice to look at (in all movies).  The movie is near the end, and I’m supposed to feel sorry for her?  She did every annoying thing she could think of to make the guy dump her, and then her feelings are hurt when she finds out he didn’t really care about her?  Please.  Except, of course, they both fell in love while during the hellish week they spent together.  Whatever.  And yet, I’m watching it.

It’s over.  I feel dumber.


  1. momma betty

    Poor John. Poor you. Hope tomorrow is better. Do you think “crap TV,” as Mindy calls it, is better than reading? Maybe just less mind-engaging. I wonder if John has the flu. Hope you don’t get it, too.

  2. Zannah

    It’s definitely less mind-engaging, not better. I generally only choose crap TV over reading if I’m trying to do something else at the same time (like writing that post last night) or if I’m not fully engrossed in whatever book I’m in the middle of. Not to say I’m not enjoying the book (I’m re-reading Sharon Kay Penman). I just don’t feel the need to read it during every spare second.

  3. Zannah

    I don’t think he has the flu (doesn’t that usually come with vomiting?), although he has been running a low-grade fever off and on. Yeah, he might have the flu. I told him to stay in bed today as much as possible. He’s got a WebEx to lead this afternoon, but he can do it from home. And he’s still planning on going to his software engineering class tonight. I still feel fine.

  4. Chuck

    How to lose a guy was a pretty funny running gag about the normal stereotypes but I felt sullied and unusual after watching it.

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