Gotta go to work tomorrow

What to say about today….it’s weird that it’s Tuesday.  I haven’t been to work since last Thursday.  No dogs had seizures last night (at least not in our house), so we were able to sleep in this morning.  Went for a run, had some breakfast.  John went to Sears and, since he was out of the house anyway, bought my birthday present.  (I think.  And I hope not from Sears.  🙂  Actually, that depends…)  I went to the grocery store (oh so exciting) and made brisket and banana bread.  Last days of vacations are hard.  I kind of feel like I wasted it.  On the other hand, it was nice not to be at work, and maybe that’s enough.  John had to study today, so I didn’t really get to spend much time with him.  (He has a test tomorrow in his AI class.)

We’re considering switching our living room and family room.  You know, move the TV and couch into the front room, and move the piano and all of the books into the room with the fireplace.  The (current) family room has more wall space to line with bookshelves (which we need more of anyway, of course), and we don’t really use the fireplace while we watch TV.  We hardly use the fireplace at all.  And we can’t see the TV from the kitchen the way it is, so that shouldn’t really be an issue.  Actually, if we put the TV on the wall where the piano is now, we’d be able to see something from the kitchen.  This is more thought than we’ve actually put into this possible switch so far.  I think I need to draw the possible combinations of rooms to scale somewhere.  I’m not doing it very well in my head.

I’ve decided I really like Billy Crudup.  We watched Almost Famous before John left for his lesson tonight.  I like him in that movie, I liked him in Big Fish, and I liked him in Without Limits (that’s the Prefontaine movie).  I’m not sure if I’ve seen him in anything else…a couple of minutes with IMDB and I know I’ve seen him in Everyone Says I Love You, but I don’t remember him.  And I haven’t seen anything else of his.  But I still like him.


  1. mel

    I couldn’t picture Crudup so I just looked him up. I still don’t remember him from Big Fish. Just another reason to see that movie again (ah, Ewan . Love that man!)

    Bummer about going back to work. But I’m glad you got to have a mini vacay. 🙂

    Oh, I have intentions of rearranging both the living room and the basement. It’s just time for a change, you know? Mark’s not happy about it and he’s not gonna help me. He hates change, the durn conservative! But I’m gonna do it anyway and then I’m gonna make him feel bad when I end up injured from moving our huge couch by myself! 🙂 Kidding. I think it should move pretty easily. And the big TV is on rollers. Yay, rollers!

  2. Zannah

    Yeah, that’s the biggest problem with rearranging here. Everything heavy would have to move. Including most of the books in the house. And I don’t want to switch the rooms just to find out I liked the old arrangement better. 🙂

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