A little sunburn

Of course I got a little bit of a sunburn.  I spent about three hours on a boat today.  🙂  We went on the Fish River.  It was a beautiful day, nice and warm, and we had lunch (fried chicken and deviled eggs).  Then we fished.  Well, Dad and Corey fished.  Gaby played with her toy fishing rod and Mom told her stories (The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Three Little Pigs, etc).  I don’t particularly like to fish, but Corey told me he would bait the hook and just hand me the pole.  I could cast and fish, and if I caught anything, he’d reel it in and take it from there.  I thought that was a pretty good deal, since I don’t really want to do anything messy.  Or slimy.  Or involving hooks.  No one caught anything, though.

Anyway, we’re back at the house.  Dad is de-veining shrimp, Mom is cooking, and I am ripping mp3s for Dad.  And downloading the soundtrack (original off-Broadway) of Really Rosie for Mom.  Fascinating, I know.  But I’m enjoying my vacation.

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