Trying too hard and banana bread

I’m not the one who’s trying too hard.  (According to Jeff and John, I don’t try hard enough at work to hide my dislike of a couple of people.  I’ll work on that.)  No, I was at the grocery store today and when I got to the check-out, I met the most annoying cashier ever.  It was his first day (he made sure I knew that), and he wouldn’t shut up.  He commented on every item I bought.  Sometimes he just announced the item (“Bread!”).  I bought a bag of sugar and he burst into song.  “Sugar (ba da ba ba ba bum), ah, honey, honey.”  A couple of things and it might have been amusing, but he really did say (or sing) something about EVERYthing I bought.  (“Ooh, flour.  Conditioner!  Hey, toilet paper!”)  I’m sure he was just nervous or something (or maybe he’s always annoying), but I was getting ready to throw something at him.  Maybe my 5 lb bag of sugar.  And lest you think I’m exaggerating, I was not the only one annoyed.  I shared a look with the woman behind me.

Then I came home and made banana bread.


  1. Shifty1975

    I’m sure it was annoying at the time, but it’s a hilarious story! If I’d been one aisle over from you I would have been crying with laughter.

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