Dogs are taking over the neighborhood

Today must have been Let Your Dog Escape From Your Yard day.  I didn’t get the memo.  I took the dogs with me on my run this morning, and we met a giant fluffy white dog as we ran by the back of the high school.  Very pretty dog, wearing a harness.  It had tags, but it wouldn’t let me get close enough to read them.  And when I tugged the dogs back onto the sidewalk so we could continue our jog, it didn’t follow us.  There was no owner in sight, no one shouting this dog’s name or anything.  I hope it finds its way home.  Later, in our third mile, a dog (yellow lab mix of some sort) burst out of the tree line by the elementary school and practically skidded into Roxy.  She didn’t follow us when we got back on track, either, and at least I could see the townhouses she came from.  I’m pretty confident she made it back home.  But there was no one running out the door looking for her, either.  How do you not notice that your dog is out?

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