Things people should do

I think I should write more thank-you notes.  You know, as a general rule.  It’s a nice thing to do and people like getting them.  I should also call/email more of my relatives.  And if I’m going to get into a list of all the things I don’t do that I should, we’ll be here all night, so I’m stopping there.

Of course, there’s one other thing everyone should do simply because you get a reaction.  Go in a Starbucks (or some other place where you have to walk by a bunch of people to get to the restroom).  Wear one outfit on your way in and change clothes in the bathroom so when you come out, you’re wearing something completely different.  And I mean completely.  You’ll probably get a couple of double-takes.  It’s kinda funny.

And another thing – if you’re jogging or walking or walking your dog or whatever and someone else jogs by you and nods/says good morning/waves, acknowledge that person!  She’s just being friendly.  Being ignored doesn’t feel good.

How about this one: when you’re driving and someone lets you ahead of them, especially in traffic, wave!  It’s not hard.  They were being nice to you!

Okay, that’s enough.  Today was a VERY long day (but successful!), and tomorrow starts very early.  I’m going to go get a better night’s sleep than I had last night.


  1. Jessica

    I hate it when I greet someone out on the street and they just ignore me. So rude. Rudeness may be the only thing that can make me instantly angry.

    I keep saying I should write more letters. I like the idea of having a couple of hours a week devoted to sitting down and writing letters. The biggest thing that stops me isn’t the time required but the fact that I doubt I would get any responses, and that discourages me.

  2. Zannah

    Yeah, the last time I wrote an actual letter, it got ignored. Discouraging.

    And Mom, if you weren’t my mother, I’d assume you were making fun of me…”special”, indeed. 🙂

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