Sheep (watch the video (with sound))

I need a break from early mornings.  Getting up around 6:30 to go for a run is one thing.  Getting to work by 7:45 (yesterday) or by 7am (today) is another.  I am SO tired, and I didn’t sleep well last night.  I had dreams about losing control (one while driving a car, and another while trying to walk four or five dogs at the same time).

John just turned on The Colbert Report (last night’s episode), and apparently (according to Colbert and TVWeek), the Sci Fi channel is changing its name to “Syfy” because somehow this will make it sound less “geeky”. Give me a break.  They should embrace their geekiness!  Also, Syfy looks like it should be pronounced “siffy”.

I don’t have a whole lot else to contribute tonight.  I didn’t watch Obama on TV.  I’ll watch it tomorrow.  Oh, I saw this awesome video today.  It might be faked, but it’s cool anyway.  Very fun to watch.


  1. mel

    I just watched the video, and maybe I’m gullible, but I believe it! It’s amazing what shepherds can do! Didn’t you see Babe? 🙂

  2. Jessica

    My brother e-mailed that video to me a couple of days ago. As he said, “Wow. Creative use of shape. Something I never thought I’d say.” 🙂

  3. momma betty

    Shape–that’s the Scots’ pronunciation. And, Mel, you’re right-it’s the dogs who deserve all the credit.

  4. Shifty1975

    I’m both ashamed and angry that I just watched that. You have serious issues, all of you. I want my 2 minutes and 44 seconds back.

  5. Zannah

    Is it a crime that I never saw Babe? It’s possible it isn’t even on my (miles-long) Netflix list. Besides, while I’m sure I would enjoy it, talking pigs isn’t really your style, Mom. You liked it?

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