Fortune cookie

Almost forgot.  We ordered Chinese for dinner tonight.  My fortune says,

“If you wish good advice, consult your mother.”

John’s answer,

“Betty, where can we get good advice?”


(His fortune said, “Spirit guides accompany you.”  He didn’t have anything funny to say about that.  And you know I can’t be funny on command.  Help?)


  1. Zannah

    Thanks, Dad! And I don’t know yet. Hopefully soon ’cause my dining room makeover won’t be complete until we have to new table.

  2. John

    That’s not exactly how it went down. I believe I said “wouldn’t it be funny if you called your mother and asked her where you could get good advice”? It wasn’t meant to be aimed at Betty in particular, but all mothers in general.

    Wait, that’s not much better……

  3. ibcrandy

    I don’t know, I think the spirit guides one is funny enough on it’s own when you add the traditional “in bed”.

    We had chinese yesterday and my fortune was “The weather is excellent”. Mmmhmmm, so that’s why I just had to pick up a chunk of siding off my front lawn this morning. That excellent weather.

  4. Zannah

    Clearly, like John’s, your fortune was referring to the weather in bed. There’s no siding in your bed, is there? No? My point exactly. Excellent weather in bed.

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