Couldn’t do it

I tried to run this morning.  Really, I did.  I got up before John left for work, put on my running clothes, and then checked the temperature.  About 24 degrees, with a wind chill of 17.  I decided to wait.  Around 10:30, the temperature was about 30, with a wind chill of 20.  I added layers to my running clothes and headed out.  I got to the bottom of the hill, turned the corner, and was blasted back by FRIGID air.  SO cold.  I made it around the block and went home.  I can handle cold (to a point), and I can handle windy (to a point), but the combination is killer.  I thought maybe I could wait until it warms up a little today, but 1) it’s not going to warm up much more, and 2) as the air temperature rises (all of maybe 5 more degrees), the wind speed will rise today, too.  So the wind chill isn’t going to get any better, and I’m a little afraid of the wind chill.

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