My nose hurts!

I’m on Day Two of trying to replace my allergy medicines with the generic version of Claritin.  It’s not going well.  In fact, I’m quitting that plan.  I picked up refills for both prescriptions on my way home from work today.  Yesterday was okay, but today I woke up really dry.  That went away by breakfast, and I spent the rest of the day sniffling and blowing my nose.  The sneezing started after lunch.  I feel fine if you don’t count the congestion and stuffy nose.  I mean, I’m not sick.  But I don’t want to just deal with this until the over-the-counter stuff kicks in or whatever.  Not right now.  I was overly aware of how much noise sniffling and blowing and sneezing makes when your office is a cubicle farm.  Unfortunately, I really do need to find something else that works.  On our new insurance, one of my allergy medicines went up $10 a month, and the other one went up $50.  I need to find an alternative to paying almost a hundred bucks a month just for allergy medicine.

In other news, my niece is brilliant!


  1. momma betty

    Wow! You have to pay that much for prescriptions? That’s unreasonable. (I know.) Is it allergies at this time of year? Or maybe excessive dryness. You could sleep with a humidier and see if that helps.

  2. Jessica

    I might have to try that humidifier thing.

    Clever Gaby. I laughed out loud when I read that. Apparently Alex was singing “Beans, beans, the musical fruit” one day (don’t ask me where she got THAT one – probably my father). Anyway, she suddenly stopped and looked puzzled then looked up at one or both of her parents and said, “Beans aren’t a fruit.”

  3. Zannah

    How did Rachel and Jack respond? And when did little kids get so smart?

    I used the humidifier last night. I think it helped. Taking my regular medicine this morning helped, too. Today, while not even close to perfect, was better than yesterday in the sniffling/sneezing/nose-blowing department. I’ve noticed that I’m pretty good in the morning, and then it gets worse throughout the afternoon, and then once I get home, I’m much better again.

  4. Jessica

    I’d like to think we were that smart too when we were little.

    I’m actually not sure how Rachel and Jack responded. Laughed and then went to post it on Facebook, I suppose. Did Gaby get her cheetos? I think I would have handed some over after that.

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