Today, I am a noodle

Wow.  Check this out.  It’s a (short) public service ad from Sussex Safer Roads about wearing your seatbelt.  The music, the slow-motion…I got a little teary.

And if you weren’t moved by the seatbelt ad, be inspired by 40 inspirational speeches from movies cut into one 2-minute speech.  🙂

I was searched the internet for inspiration (of the non-movie speech kind) and didn’t find any.  I’m sure I didn’t look hard enough, but I lack the energy.  The guy I trained today took all the energy I had.  He’d leave the room for a break or for lunch or something, and I’d just slump back into my chair.  I got home a little on the early side, so I went for a run, but that didn’t go as well as Tuesday’s run.  I don’t feel invincible today.  I feel like a noodle.  A cooked one.