One thing at a time

Caprese salad, steak, and asparagus.  Fresh (except for the steak – it’s been in the freezer for….a while), healthy, and delicious.  John is grilling (both the steak and the asparagus), and I’m getting hungrier by the second.  I’m also back in planning mode.  Trip-planning mode.  I managed to avoid this phase last weekend.  The trip to Pittsburgh snuck up on me, and when I thought about it, I wasn’t remotely stressed, so I never really planned, aside from packing the day of and setting up the pet sitter a few days before.  This time, though, I’m about to travel for work.  I have to have work clothes, after-work clothes, all the stuff (papers, training guide, copy of my contract, tax-exempt form, etc) I need for work, and who knows what else.  What does John need while I’m gone?  What will I have to do next weekend, when I’m home for about 48 hours before I leave again?  Can I plan ahead for that now?  Wait – stop.  I can do this later.  (Like tomorrow, when I might have the morning to myself at work.)  Now is for dinner.  Only dinner.