The A/C is still alive

We turned the A/C off while we were away ’cause it was making some not-good rattling noises Friday afternoon.  And then we had 80-degree weather all weekend, so we came home to a stuffy house.  Turned the A/C back on, and voila! (or “wa-la!”, as Mindy used to say), cold air!  We’ve been home for almost two hours, and so far, no rattling.  Maybe it fixed itself while we were gone.

I’ve got a couple of random pictures of the UPitt campus from Saturday’s graduation ceremony.  Saturday was a beautiful day, all warm and sunny.  We woke up to pouring rain this morning, and after dropping Emily, Tom, and Molly at the building for the big university commencement, John and I hit the road for home.  It’s an easy four-hour drive (easier on a Sunday afternoon, in daylight, when we’ve only been up for four hours, not fourteen), and we stopped at Wegman’s on the way home so I wouldn’t have to go back out for groceries.  We ate lunch around 2:30, so we’re having tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella for dinner.  Light, fresh, easy.

Emily in her cute wrap dress and new pearls. Oh yeah, there's a sign behind her. We'd hate to forget where we were...

Emily in her gown and hood, while we tried to figure out how she was supposed to wear the damn thing.

The diplodocus (Elmer) outside the Carnegie Music Hall, our meetup spot after graduation.

The Cathedral of Learning (real name of the building)

Some church through the trees. Pretty.

I liked Pittsburgh.  We saw some really nice neighborhoods, some cute shopping districts, and I’m sure there are other places around the city we would enjoy hanging out in.  I’m not sure when the next opportunity will arise, though, since Emily will be moving away this summer to start her new job in New Hampshire?  Philadelphia?  Probably not North Carolina, but she’s got interested parties in all three places.  Good for her.

The marathon is not why we were here

One of the legs of the Pittsburgh Marathon is right outside our hotel room, and we have a great view from our window, so John and I are watching as we take turns showering, packing, etc, before we check out.  The pep band from one of the local universities (I can’t tell which one) is set up right on on the route, so I can hear all the standard pep band songs (“Louie, Louie”, “Another One Bites the Dust”, “Axel F”, plus a few extras (like the theme from Futurama – I could swear I heard that one a few minutes ago).  The rain is pouring down, which would explain why we’re watching from our hotel room and not from the sidelines, but now I’m thinking about volunteering to help out at local races.  Particularly the longer ones, the ones I have no interest in running in myself.  🙂

Hitting the road soon.