Where is my brain?

I had dinner tonight in the hotel restaurant (actually very good and decently priced) because it was chilly out and I’m lazy.  Also, I’m aiming for a ridiculously early bedtime tonight and I didn’t want to have to go far for dinner.  Anyway, on my way back to my room, I headed for the bathrooms in the lobby to throw some trash away.  I went in that bathroom earlier tonight (I had one of those sneezing fits that just won’t quit – I hate those), and when I pushed open the door this time and reached towards the trash can, I thought “this looks different from earlier – ”  When I reached that point in the thought, I snatched my hand back, jumped about three feet in the air, and threw myself back out the door.  Of the men’s bathroom.  Luckily for me, no one was in there and no one was in the hallway just outside the door to see me come flying out.

I still haven’t tried very hard to like Duluth.  At least the sun came out today.  If it’s still shining tomorrow, and more importantly, if I get enough sleep tonight and exercise tomorrow morning, I’ll try again.  I’m so done with traveling.  It’s hard to care.  I want to try, I want to see what’s great about Duluth (I’m sure there are great things), but only half-heartedly.  Traveling alone loses its appeal (it had appeal?) after the first five weeks.

Ugh, that’s depressing.  I swear, I’m just tired.  And brain-dead.


  1. I thought you were going to do someting different where you didn’t have to travel as much?

    Hope you’re at least building your collection of hotel shampoos to a respectable level.

  2. Zannah

    Starting in July. This is my last week of travel. Next week will be my last week of training (I hope I hope I hope), and I’ll just have to deal with one week of a terrible commute to DC, and then in July, I should be able to settle into a routine at my normal office, about 20 minutes away from home.

    The shampoo here smells like oranges and mint, and I LOVE it. 🙂

  3. Zannah

    Wombat, if you can find it, you get a prize.

    Me, too, Dad. Me, too. I just have to get home from here.

    Tokenblogger, do you fling yourself back out of the men’s bathrooms, too, or have you gotten to the point where you know they’re empty so it’s not a big deal?

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