It stopped raining for a whole hour this evening!

I was so excited.  I actually walked to dinner tonight.  I guess technically I walked to dinner last night, too, but only to the lobby.  Tonight, I walked four whole blocks.  Outside!  And I stayed dry!  Seriously, though, a guy at work said they’ve only had two sunny days in the last two weeks, possibly more.  Of course, the weather could be more like it is at home – dry (John says our lawn is dying), humid, and HOT.  I can’t say I’m really looking forward to that weather.  But I’ll be HOME.

Dinner was really good.  Better than last night.  I went to Va Bene.  My waiter was great, and my table had the BEST view.  I was right at the lakeside edge of their back deck.  Still inside, but with an uninterrupted view of Lake Superior and all the sailboats.  Really nice.  If you ever find yourself in Duluth, I can recommend that restaurant.  The forecast says it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow (it said that about today, too, but I’m still hopeful), so tomorrow evening I may venture farther afield (further afield?  They both look really weird to me right now.).

The early bedtime followed by early exercise worked for me last night and today, so that’s my plan for tonight and tomorrow, too.  See ya!


  1. I did the whole ‘drive around lake superior trip’ once with my parents. Duluth wasn’t the hotspot of that drive. But the lake is pretty… How much longer until you go home??

  2. Zannah

    What was the hotspot?

    I go home early tomorrow. I should be home by early afternoon. No more travel! Except for fun. No more travel for work!

  3. hmmmm… I guess the hotspot was Lake of the Clouds or something like that. It was very pretty.

    I don’t know- I sat in the back of the car and read most of the time. We made fun of ourselves because we all read the whole drive instead of looking at stuff. It would’ve been a whole lot cheaper to sat at home and read. Not as exciting I suppose.

  4. Zannah

    Sounds like my dream vacation. I like to find beautiful spots while on vacation and then shove my nose in a book. 🙂

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