So much for doing nothing

Our do-nothing weekend was surprisingly productive.  We made it to the book sale and bought a ton of books, went to Home Depot on the way home, and then spent maybe half an hour re-potting my herbs, planting seeds in the little face pots, and hanging flowers from the front porch.  While we were out front, our neighbor came rushing over and gave us a pound cake!  We couldn’t imagine what for, but then she apologized for being so late with it and said it’s a thank you present for helping her husband and daughter shovel out the driveway and sidewalk last February.  I’d completely forgotten about that, at least partly because I didn’t help.  That was all John.  Such a good neighbor.  And SUCH a good pound cake.

Today, we slept in again (sleeping in is a beautiful thing) and then totally cleaned up our super messy bedroom.  Everything is put away, we got rid of some things, we dusted everywhere, and vacuumed the whole room, including under the bed.  I haven’t attacked my closet yet, but that’s coming soon.  And it’s not that scary.

Pound cake isn’t scary, either.  I want some.


  1. that book sale sounds amazing. I just went into the public library close to my new house for the first time- which was super dangerous for me, because that means more time reading books- less time studying. oh well.

    What books did you buy?

  2. Zannah

    Wombat – that’s how I eat banana bread, too. Toasted with butter, so yum.

    Suz – I’ve been on a mystery kick, so I picked up maybe six more Lawrence Block books (I really like him) and another half-dozen or so Agatha Christie books. I got another Jasper Fforde novel, a couple Stuart Woods mysteries, and I’m blanking out on the rest. I’m trying to picture my bookshelves, but I’m blanking on the new stuff. I know I bought some science fiction, but I can’t think what. Oh, we bought two Stephen Fry books, too.

    Spoke – it doesn’t look like our room anymore. It’s great! But how long will it last?

  3. momma betty

    ‘Bat, I learned that toaster thing from my mother. She loved toasted pound cake with butter. So do it. It’s funny because I was going to recommend that to Z.

  4. Zannah

    I’m trying to stay away from the pound cake now, ’cause as delicious as it is, it’s adding pounds to my weight and that’s not okay. Adding butter to it isn’t going to help. I might try that on a bite-size piece to see what all the fuss is about, but after that, I’m swearing off pound cake. For now.

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