What the hell? – Update: still broken – Update #2: miracle?

I seem to have broken my header picture.  I was trying to change it to something closer to summer than spring, and nothing looked quite right (but it was working), so I tried to put the flowers back.  Not working.  The file is in the right folder (I didn’t move it out), it’s the right size (I didn’t change it), and it’s in my stylesheet with the right file name, but it’s not showing up on the screen.  Gah.  I already had a headache.  This isn’t helping.

Update: Now the picture and the tag line are broken.  I need to update the template and my version of WordPress, and while I’m at it, I might just change the way the whole site looks.  I’m too irritated to do any of that now, plus it’ll keep me up later than I want to be up, and I’ll just get more and more irritated if I know I’m going to be exhausted tomorrow because I’m up fixing this, so I’m putting it off.    I’m irritated just thinking about it.   I’m irritated about my repeated use of the word “irritated”.  Ugh.

So.  Calm, relaxing, deep breaths.  I can fix this tomorrow.

Update #2: Um…I’m on my work laptop this morning and everything looks fine.  I didn’t do anything.  Tiny elves must have fixed it overnight and now I owe them some monumentally huge favor that will be called in at the most inconvenient time.  I’m still going to do those updates, though.  Probably over the weekend.


  1. IBCRandy

    I think on your work laptop the image may have been cached or something. I bet if you do a refresh (F5) the image will be gone. Do you have the image name in the style sheet using the same casing as the file name? Some web services are picky about that.

  2. Zannah

    Randy, you were right. It took two refreshes, but yes, I can see it’s still broken. I’m firing those elves. Yes, the image name had the right case. That’s the first thing I checked (after making sure it was in the right folder) because I know from experience that WP is picky about that.

    Damn! I thought I got lucky.

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