WASP! – Now with flowers

We have a wasp’s nest just outside the garage door.  A baby wasp’s nest.  A nest for baby wasps.  (Not really.  Actually, that, too.)  It looks like it’s just the beginning of a nest, so it’s still really small.  There were about five wasps crawling on it and I refused to get close enough to find out what kind of wasps they are.  I looked up how to get rid of them and that’s almost as scary as leaving them there.  Apparently, the first thing you’re supposed to do it go make sure you’re not allergic to wasp stings.  If you are, call an exterminator.  If you’re not, go buy a pressurized can of wasp killer/poison, wear multiple layers with long sleeves and long pants, tuck your pants into your shoes, tuck your sleeves into your gloves (wear gloves), and wear a hat and goggles.  Oh, and it’s suggested that your top layer be something non-permeable, like rubber.  Wait until dark and spray the hell out of the nest.  You’re also supposed to make sure you have an escape route just in case you don’t aim very well or the poison doesn’t act fast enough and you end up with a swarm of angry wasps chasing you.  I wish I were making this stuff up.  Just google it.  I want nothing to do with this.

In other news…am I fixed?  It looks like it on every browser and every computer I have access to, but I no longer trust that.  If it looks weird to you (no picture, tag line in the wrong place, etc), please let me know.  John found a way to make it work again, but it’s not the right way.  Of course, it is, it works, but we can find no earthly reason why it wasn’t working before.  I’ve compared my CSS file to the original one, before I tinkered with it, and we don’t see any differences. But hey, it works (I think), and I still might tinker with changing the look over the weekend.  This whole thing started because I wanted to change the picture, and I still want to do that, so we’ll see what happens.

So John is wonderful (I don’t say that enough), not only because he fixed my website, but also because he came home with flowers for me today.  He stopped to buy wasp killer, but the store didn’t have it.  Instead, he bought ice cream (for himself – I swore off ice cream when I quit eating pound cake) and flowers for me.  ‘Cause that’s what you do when they’re out of wasp killer.  Or that’s what you do when you know you can’t immediately kill the wasps that are threatening your wife.  I love flowers.


  1. Rodents Of Unusual Size

    The website looks lovely again. Your hubby is a doll. What kind of flowers and why didn’t you post a pic?

    We had some hornets or wasps or whatever in the brick grill in our backyard for a while. The reason you spray them at dusk is because they’re docile. Mark did that one night and it killed ’em. Dead. And it’ll kill any of them that weren’t home when you sprayed, too, when they come home. They’ll have just long enough to witness the massacre of all their family and friends before they succumb to the poison. Kinda sad when you think about it. Except for the fact that they’re pure evil.

  2. IBCRandy

    I had to spray a wasp nest on my back deck just last week. The worst part was because of the location (under the deck railing, between a slab of wood and a hanging box flower planter) there was no way to spray it without getting right up on it. It sounds like it was about the same size, as I only ever saw about 5 at a time on it. Just waited until sunset, got out the hoodie and did my best impression of Kenny from South Park. They all fell off and died pretty much on contact, but I still ran back into the house immediately after spraying. Yes, I’m a big chicken when it comes to buzzy stingy things.

  3. Clever! Lure the wasps into the house with the flowers, and then… Oh. That’s not what you meant, was it?

    That’s awesome of him. Let him know that some random person on the internet is giving him a gold star for tactical flower delivery.

  4. Zannah

    I’ll tell him. I bought wasp killer this evening, so once the band rehearsal is over (soon, I think), John declares war on wasps. And I’ll be hiding inside, probably with keys in hand in case I have to rush him to the hospital or something. I’m planning for the worst. Because ROUS is right. Wasps are pure evil.

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